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 I support, coach, train and mentor educators, therapists , parents , professionals and para-professionals, and other  service providers to provide competent services, create strategies, build  structures and make positive impact in the lives of children and individuals with different needs and abilities.

I use evidence-based strategies to help and empower persons of different ages and abilities to tap into their innate abilities and exceed their potentials. 


Applied Behaviour Analyst. Educator.
Trainer. Coach. Business Administrator.


About Me

I am an Educator, a Board-Certified Cognitive Specialist, an Applied Behaviour Analyst and a Certified trainer who is dedicated to  building  the capacity of parents, therapists, teachers, and caregivers and equip them with knowledge and skills to address the different needs of children and individuals.

I believe in the creation of a supportive and enabling environment for children of all abilities to attain their innate potential through provision of competent and passion driven services that make sustainable impact.

Years of Experience
Awards & Honors



Using facilitative and participatory learning techniques, Daisy’s sessions draw from real life experiences which  deepens the knowledge, skills , attitude, and practices of the trainees


Daisy provides physical and remote supervision for ABA Technicians to meet supervision hours required for certification and to maintain their credentials under the QABA Board. 


With Daisy on your team, you can be sure of a passionate yet firm push to be the best that are created to be. Daisy’s mentorship session helps you to create a path for growth and progress…


Daisy provides individual and group coaching sessions on parenting, planning, and implementing interventions, individual and business development, and structuring.

What Others Say


I was at crossroads with my business. I initially didn’t understand or comprehend the need for a coach. But I understood that our knowledge is limited and we must be open to constantly learning. My coaching sessions with Daisy were truly eye opening. She gave me useful advice that I was able to implement immediately and saw results. The way that RBC has grown in recent times is due to the changes we effected from the lessons I got from my time with her. She helped us to restructure and frame our offerings which has since brought us major clients.

Abasiama Akpan

Founder and CEO, RBC, a learning design and development firm

My experience with Pleasant Places training academy was amazing. I was super impressed with the support, knowledge and practical approaches used by the instructor Mrs Jonathan. The online program was well structured as well as the very helpful practice exam.
Being certified by a recognized international board makes you stand out and gives your clients the confidence to work with you. I am glad I responded when I saw Pleasant places training academy flyer for Applied Behavior Analysis Technician (ABAT)training. 

Linda Okeke

Architect, ABA Technician and Special Educator Assistant with the Autism Society of RMWB

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