Help That Child

A remarkable blend of practical scenarios and well told stories with well articulate facts and information on children’s behaviour from early childhood to the teenage years , which focus on behaviours that are considered challenging or problematic.

Challenging behaviours are the leading cause of stress, frustration, and anxiety among parents, teachers and caregivers Some of these behaviours in children hinder learning and acquisition of skills, including academic skills and social skills, causing parents to question their parenting skills and doubt the competencies of professionals who work with their children.

  • The book, which is a must have for parents, teachers, therapists and other professionals who work with children, provides a shift from viewing behaviours from an angle that sees the child as a nuisance or challenge to the home ,school or society to viewing behaviours that challenge as a silent plea and cry for help.
  • The author provides, in simple yet practical terms, reasons these behaviours occur and how they are maintained by the actions and inactions of persons within the environment or by internal issues while providing clear , simple yet evidence-based strategies to address them and do what is needed: help that child!

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